Crop Insurance


Scope of Cover and Risk Covered

This insurance covers crops that are in the parcels registered to Farmer Registration System;
  • quantity loss due to hail, storm whirlwind, fire, earthquake, landslide and flood
  • quality loss of fresh fruits/vegetables and cut flowers due to hail
  • optionally quantity loss of fresh fruits due to frost
  • loss of hail net and cover systems due to hail, hail weight, storm, whirlwind, fire, earthquake, landslide and flood.


Claims Notification

The insured gives claims notification to TARSİM through the insurer or its agent by the system as soon as possible following date of risk occurrence.


Premium Payment

There is 50% premium subsidy by the Government in Crop Insurance. If frost cover is taken additionally to hail package for fruits; two third of the frost cover premium is subsidized by the Government. 25% of the premium for farmers share is taken in advance and the rest is collected not later than 1 month after the harvest.


Operation and Loss Assessment Organization

Prior application for the insurance, the farmer's land and crop information for the pertinent year should be updated in Farmer Registration System (FRS). Following the updating FRS information, the farmer makes the application to TARSIM's member insurance companies or their agencies. The insurance company or its agency will conduct relevant queries on the farmers information via TARSIM's online system. The policy is issued upon approved information. Loss adjustment is done by loss adjusters appointed by TARSIM. After completion of the claims file, finalized indemnity amount will be paid by TARSİM within 30 days to insured through bank.


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