Aquaculture Insurance


Scope of Cover and Risk Covered

This insurance covers any losses to fishery products grown in the sea and land based farms; cage and nets that are recorded in the Aquaculture Registration System (ARS) following risk analysis and assessment due to:
  • All diseases excluding the diseases which have to be reported obligatorily according to Animal Health and Discipline Code No.3285,
  • Pollution and poisoning beyond control of the fish farmer,
  • All natural disasters,
  • Accidents,
  • Predators,
  • Algae bloom 

Claims Notification

Claims notification is given within latest 24 hours directly or via the agency to TARSİM.


Premium Payment

There is 50% premium subsidy by Government in Aquaculture Insurance. 25% of the deposit-provisional-premium calculated from the monthly average stock value declared in the aquaculture plan for the insured's share is taken in advance and the rest is collected in maximum 5 equal installments. At the end of the policy period; final premium amount is adjusted from the realized monthly stock value.


Operation and Loss Assessment Organization

The application is made to TARSİM’ s member insurance companies or their agencies to have aquaculture insurance for their fishery products grown in the sea and land based farms registered in Aquaculture Registration System. The agency will issue the insurance policy upon query performed on the pertinent information. The veterinary surgeon appointed by TARSİM will see and analyze the loss notified fishery products stocks as soon as possible and issue “Aquaculture Insurance Claims Report”. After completion of the claims file, finalized indemnity amount will be paid by TARSİM within 30 days to insured through bank.


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