Poultry Insurance


Scope of Cover and Covered Risks
Poultry grown in such closed sheds with bio-safety and hygiene measures are taken and registered to the Agriculture and Forestry Ministry’s system; deaths and obligatory slaughtering due to below risks are covered;
Any kind of poultry diseases excluding sicknesses defined in 5996 no. Veterinarian Service, Plant Health, Food and Feed Law (poultry raises in open and semi-open systems can only be insured through the Narrow Scope Tariff and in this tariff all diseases are excluded) 
Any kind of accidents and poisonings,  
Any kind of natural disasters, 
Fire and explosions.
Optionally and on condition that an additional premium is taken; 
in the premises which Salmonella test results are negative, the material losses to be directly occurred due to deaths and obligatory slaughtering arising from pullorum and fowl typhoid (hen typhoid) diseases may be covered. 
Policy Issuance
In order to insure his / her poultry grown in closed systems with bio-safety and hygiene measures as well as open and half open systems registered to Agriculture and Forestry Ministry’s Registration System; the farmer shall applies to the insurance company or agency that is a member of the Agricultural Insurance Pool (TARSİM). Following the registration of the preliminary information form, which is edited by the policy holder / insured, to the system; Agricultural Insurance Pool (TARSİM) initiates the risk assessment organization. According to the result of the risk assessment, the insurance company or agency establish the policy in the system in accordance with the General Conditions and Tariffs & Instructions of State Supported Poultry Insurance. At first the agency takes the Information Form in two copies from the system and gives one copy to the insured in return for his / her signature. Then the agency issues the policy as two copies and hand out the one to the policy holder / insured.
Premium Payment
In Poultry Insurance, 50% of the premium written in the policy is subsidized by Government. 25% of the premium to be paid by the insured is taken in advance, the remaining premium is collected in maximum 5 installments. Only for extensive scope - broiler insurance, all of the premium is taken in advance. 
Claim Notification / Loss Adjustment / Payment Process 
In case a risk, which is covered by this insurance, occurred; policy holder / insured shall make the claim notification to TARSİM Call Center, 24 hours as of the date of the risk occurrence, directly or through the agencies. Also, policy holder / insured could make the claim notification through TARSIM Mobile application, regardless of time and place.
In Poultry Insurance, Veterinary loss adjuster, who is appointed by Agricultural Insurance Pool, shall see the damaged animals within the shortest time, makes the necessary examinations and prepares the Poultry Loss Report. Following the completion of the loss file, finalized indemnity amounts are paid to the insured by the Agricultural Insurance Pool (TARSİM) via the bank channel within 30 days at the latest.

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